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Bad Credit Loans

Bad-CreditEven with a tarnished credit history it’s possible for you to obtain a bad credit loan, in fact, they are just for people in your situation. With this ever changing financial market, there are always new ways to lend and borrow money. Even though it’s best to come to the lending table with a good credit history, it can also be done with a bad one too, and the main setback you’ll come across will be the higher interest you’ll be charged. It is also important to know how bad credit loans and secured loans are interrelated.

So, What’s the first step in obtaining a bad credit loan? Well doing the research both online and offline as to where the best place for you to get the loan from, and then filling out their loan application. Since there is no need to offer up collateral with this type of loan the lender will look at you as higher risk and like I’ve mentioned before, they’ll charge you a higher interest rate to offset that risk.lowscorers

Since most personal loans are based solely on the good credit rating of the borrower, those who have a good credit history can get a loan more easily than those with a bad credit history. But do not dismay, because it is possible for someone with a roughed up credit history to obtain this type of loan too. It might just mean that you may not be able to borrow as much money as your “good credit history” counter-part.

The smartest way to use a bad credit loan if you have a poor credit history is to consolidate all you debts with it. But if you need to, it can be used to pay for such things as new appliances for your home or to cover educational expenses. Or if you need money between paychecks to make ends meet, this type of loan can help.

No matter how you use it, a bad credit loan can get you through any tough spots in your financial journey. The good news is by consolidating your debts you’ll often get a lower interest rate overall than what you were paying individually on those debts. By doing this and by making your payments on time, you’ll not only help build a better credit score, but you’ll also be satisfying all your creditors.

Well, we’ve covered the importance of a good credit score, but we’ve also talked about how it’s possible to get the money you need through a bad credit loan regardless of your tarnished credit history. We’ve covered the best ways to use your loan and how it can help your credit score to make payments on time. If you’re smart, you can really make great strides in improving not only your credit rating but your quality of life.

Impacts Of Loans On Your Credit Score

Credit-ScoresThe credit score is a simple three-digit number, but it is probably one of the most important numbers in any American’s financial life. It ranges from 300 to 850 and the higher the number, the better your credit score. It is important to know the use of bad credit loans.

A good credit score can make your financial life a lot easier. It allows you to get approval for almost any type of loans easily. These include mortgage loan, college education loan, credit card, etc. Besides, the interest rate you receive will be one of the lowest available, which means a huge saving to you.

Thus, it is important to understand the impact of loan in the credit score and what you can do to ensure that it all works in your favor:

1. Your record of paying loans

Your ability to pay loans is important to lenders and one way to see if you got that ability is to look at your payment history. If you pay your loans on time, this is a good indication that you can handle your money well. Lenders will likely view you as low risk to them.

One or two late payments may not hurt your credit score much, but a dozen of them will put a huge dent in your score.

2. The amount of money you owe

The total combined debt from a credit card, mortgage, auto loan and other loans are being considered here. But revolving debts (from credit card and line of credit) deserved a closer look.

Revolving accounts have an upper limit, and the closer your debts are to the limit, the more your credit score will suffer. It is advisable that you use less than two-thirds of the available credit limit.

3. How long do you have credit?

In general, the longer you have credit, the better it is for you. There are exception cases where you can get good score even with a short history. But most of the time, longer history has a more favorable impact on your score.

4. When was the last time your applied for a loan?

Opening a new account can bring your credit score down, especially if you ask for a lot of credit within a short span of time. Applying for ten credit cards in a month will be more detrimental to your score than if you do it over time.

Applying for credit loans also gives lenders a chance to inquire about your credit report. When there are too many inquiries into your credit history over a short span of time, your credit score will take a dip fast. As bad credit report can significantly impact your life, so it is too important to understand how bad credit impact personal life.

5. What type of credit do you have?

To get a good score, having a good mix of credit is beneficial. Besides credit cards, you may have other loans like auto insurance, mortgage or personal loan, which can bring a positive impact on your credit score as long as you have managed them well.

Although it is advisable to start building a good credit score as early as possible, it is never late to get your credit score fixed even if you have a poor score now. If you are having bad credit now, focus on making payment on time and control your expenditure while you learn the ropes of repairing your credit.

How bad credit loans impact personal life


A bad credit report can significantly impact your life. However, before we discuss the effects of bad credit and it can influence your lifestyle, it is essential to first understand what a credit report entails.A credit report is a detailed compilation of your credit history and is typically prepared by one of three primary credit-reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. The details of the report are generated through creditors who have granted you loans. These would include landlords, hospitals, banks and other financial institutions.The instances of bad credit may involve delayed clearance of medical expenses, rent, mortgage or other utilities. You may have at some time overdrawn your bank account, or failed to make your credit card payment on time. In such cases the respective creditors will report this information to any one of the credit agencies. This will result in your credit report being blemished with negative marks. Having analyzed the reasons for bad credit, let us now discuss the effects of bad credit.

In the event that you need to buy any insurance policies such as health, life, accident, medical etc., the presence of bad credit will require you to pay higher premiums. Since employers do regular check ups of the credit histories of their employees, it is imperative that as an employee your credit report is not hindered by the effects of bad credit. A negative report can prove to be detrimental for your career progression.So also for new job applicants, a negative or bad credit report will prevent them from getting a job of their choice.

The effects of bad credit can even translate into your personal life where getting loans for major purchases may become difficult. And if you do get the loans, you might land up paying exorbitant interest rates. Even with a tarnished credit history it’s possible for you to obtain a bad credit loan.

maxresdefaultThe cost of bad credit can prove to be very high. It is important to keep the credit report error free. Whatever situation you are in life, applying for a new job, hoping to grow in an existing one, needing loans, paying mortgages, or dealing with lenders, it will demand an inquiry into your credit history. Therefore to avoid bad credit on your credit report, it best to manage your finances wisely from the beginning.Having bad credit may impact your life in more ways than you think. The most common effect is the difficulty in obtaining low rates on loans, mortgages, lines of credit, and credit cards. With bad credit, you may be approved for a loan or credit account, but chances are you will be subject to lower credit limits and higher interest rates for the balances you accrue on your accounts. This, over time, can cost you more money, which can create more financial problems in the future.

Having a bad credit rating can also affect job opportunities in certain fields of work. Keep in mind that when you apply for a job, the employer needs your permission to run a credit check by law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states this, and it is a violation of that act if your credit is checked without written consent. However, a good deal of finance careers will check your credit, primarily if you will have access to large cash amounts at your potential job. Examples of such positions are bank tellers, financial officers, mortgage brokers and even high-end jewelers. The thinking behind the credit check is that a person with bad credit may pose themselves as a risk to abuse the power in their position (i.e. steal money, accept bribes, or conceal or hide jewels.)If you are applying for any of the above job opportunities, you will want to be prepared to discuss your credit report should the subject come up. If your potential employer advises you that they will be running your credit report, be upfront and honest about any questions they may have. Once they run the report, the information will be right in front of them, so do not try to deceive them. You see, in this instance, the credit check is not so you can be approved for a line of credit, it is rather a survey of how you handle debt, whether you are responsible for your finances, and perhaps even to see if you are carrying too much debt for the salary they may offer.

Personal-Loan-with-Bad-CreditIf you ran into a bad credit situation recently (or maybe not so recently) be prepared to explain it. Maybe your financial struggles are as a result of an accident and you were out of work for some time. Perhaps you were the victim of identity theft and were unaware. Whatever the case may be, your honesty (or lack thereof) may be a deciding factor. It is important that you are prepared to face credit report inquiries with complete honesty.If you happen to be in a bad credit situation, take charge of your credit standing and realize that you can change it. If there are some discrepancies on your credit report, credit repair may be the answer. You can get these items disputed and investigated. Anything incorrect or that cannot be proven will be removed from your credit report. Financial relief si the most important issue in here.

If you are still trying to work down existing debt and it seems to be getting out of control, debt negotiation may be your way to go. You or professional debt negotiator can negotiate a reduced amount from your original outstanding balances allowing you to pay down your debts faster.There are different methods and lots of help out there so you can start your bad credit repair.Keep in mind that if a potential employer sees that you are making an effort to get back on track, this initiative may sway them into hiring you, regardless of your credit score. Do not miss out on a job opportunity because of bad credit. Do all you can to get them to count you in.

Inside the Johns Hopkins finance class that’s ‘guaranteed’ to get you a job on Wall Street


Kelly Chu stands at the front of the room and explains a complicated spreadsheet displayed on a projector.

With precision she explains the reduced free cash-flow model she built of a food-services and building business, and walks through its revenue-growth assumptions prior to making a recommendation on whether or not to invest.

Chu is not a wealth supervisor or a financial investment banker. Wearing flip-flops and denims, the 21-year-old is a junior at Johns Hopkins University, and she exists to her applied economics and finance class, a course at a non-Wall Street target school that guarantees its alumni top tasks on the Street, according to the professor.

Chu’s schoolmates are other undergraduates (throughout a conversation of the Russian-ruble crisis of 1998, a student points out she was 4 years old). They resemble other 20-somethings in a Friday-afternoon workshop, with their heads in hand and droopy-eyed faces buried in laptops. You would not know they’re even paying attention, however when the teacher tosses out an unforeseen question– about a detailed mathematics equation or the name of a Nobel laureate– they snap back responses in seconds.

Professor Steve Hanke, who’s been at Hopkins for 45 years, created the course 20 years ago. It’s evolved but has actually constantly concentrated on “producing the top individuals in the country.”.

The majority of graduates end up being analysts, though a minority enter into trading. (Hanke has actually been a currencies and commodities trader for over 50 years.) They all come away with task offers from their first-choice banks or hedge funds.

Of the 20 students of Hanke’s who are finishing this year, 8 are going to JPMorgan. The rest took tasks at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Jefferies, Stifel, T. Rowe Cost, Campbell and Co., and Centuries Management. The majority of the sophomores and juniors took summer internships on Wall Street too.

Danny Elkin, who’s finishing in Might, stated he feels indebted to Hanke for the experience.

“We do not have the sort of resources or the kind of connections of Princeton or Harvard or Duke,” he stated. “However if you’re in this class, then I think you have something great to discuss throughout interviews. It can offer you smart ideas for stock pitches in interviews.

“I do not believe my situation would have wound up like it did if I hadn’t had the chance,” he said.

Elkin’s circumstance turned out well: He got five job provides from top law firms and will be going to JPMorgan’s asset-management department.

Students are allowed to take the course for credit approximately three or 4 times, however the challenge is entering it.

Students need to send résumés and transcripts and a have one-on-one interview with Hanke. (Bench is high: The majority of students have at least 3.7 GPAs.).

Every two weeks students construct a model on a business assigned by Hanke or his informal assistant, Ryan Guttridge, a fellow at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics.

On off weeks, students compose papers about their models, and after that spend class time assessing their findings together. A lot of MBA programs, Hanke notes, need students to build only one or 2 models throughout their whole program.

That they’re constructing these designs so regularly assists provide them a leg up, however the real reason for their success could be the unusual kind of models they’re developing.

Hanke and Guttridge established their own modeling system to teach to the students. They build free cash-flow statements from scratch– indicating from SEC filings, not from data service providers or other unverifiable sources.

Then they measure drivers of cash flow, like income and margins, by means of Monte Carlo simulations, a method that makes use of random sampling and runs several trials to home in on the likelihood of results.

They wind up with a distribution of share prices, instead of a single point value or rate quote, and seek to buy stocks that are priced on the less costly side of the distribution and have a higher possibility of the cost increases.

“Ultimately, when you’re purchasing a stock, you’re buying a series of cash flows– a series of expected cash,” Guttridge stated.

For him, contemporary finance deals with a huge issue due to the fact that many analysts’ forecasts ignore that distribution. “Exactly what isn’t in the evaluation is that the danger has actually absolutely altered,” as share rates increase, he said.

And while it might not be as sexy as rattling off a rate estimate on the spot in a job interview, in such a way this training offers the students some control in interviews.

“They’re interested but they don’t know a lot about it, so instead of them grilling you and putting you on your toes, you’re type of explaining to them exactly what you did,” states Elkin.

Plus, he stated, “When you start the interview and you begin discussing the nuances of the model … you can avoid the basic accounting questions, and it permits you to separate yourself.”.

Guttridge said their design is not distinct; it closely looks like billionaire financier Warren Buffett’s thinking, he said. Especially the part of Buffett’s 2013 letter where he discusses purchasing a farm.

“He says, ‘I’m going to buy the farm and usually I understand what the farm’s going to produce,'” Guttridge stated. “That’s precisely what we do. We simply have a very official, relatively strenuous framework around it.”.

Guttridge stated their model is akin, philosophically, to personal equity firms. That’s due to the fact that the distributions they create are most precise when they’re not confronted with time constraints, and private equity firms do not have the sort of calendar-year due dates that financial investment banks do.

So it makes sense that numerous of their students end up in private equity.

Some current graduates have actually even been recruited to private equity right out of college, according to Hanke, which is exceptionally unusual. Usually, those companies recruit the cream of the crop from analysts at major financial investment banks.

“I believe the students are higher quality and more knowledgeable than the first-year experts that are on the Street today,” stated Hanke.

They’re high adequate quality that he and Guttridge routinely use their classwork to make investment choices for their wealth-management company, Hanke-Guttridge Capital Management, which they founded in 2013.

They ‘d hire their own graduates, they said, if they only could beat Wall Street to it.

Bad Credit Loans and Secured Loans


If at some point on the past you have missed payments or defaulted on a loan, credit card or store card, this will have impacted negatively on your credit rating, and it is likely to affect your ability to get approved for a secured loan.

Your credit rating is one of the main criteria used by banks and other lenders when ascertaining whether you are a good prospect for credit. If you have missed payments in the past, have been issues with a CCJ or have been declared bankrupt, these events will be highlighted on your credit file.

Getting a Loan with Credit Issues

When you make an application for a new loan, most lenders will conduct a thorough search of your credit file. It is highly likely that you will have to pay a higher rate of interest on your loan than someone who has a decent credit history.

If you do have a bad credit rating, then you may find that you have to shop around for a lender that is prepared to lend the amount of money you require. This is because you will be regarded as ‘high risk’, and lenders may be concerned that you will default on the loan. Some more specialist lenders may be willing to lend to you, but at a less competitive rate of interest. Finding the right loan provider is vital to having an affordable loan with reasonable terms and conditions. Click Finance offers loans for bad credit.

If your credit history is poor, then one way to proceed will be to secure the loan against your home. This will provide the lender with the extra security that they require in order to feel confident in lending to you. By opting for a secured product, you should receive a decent rate of interest, meaning that you will pay back less over the course of the loan. However, it is crucial that you bear in mind that if you go on to default your home will be at risk of repossession. The loan provider will have the right to repossess your property if you fail to pay back what you owe – both the loan itself and the interest on it.

If you are struggling with a number of debts and are finding it tricky to meet all the repayments, then you may find it helpful to look at bad credit loans or debt consolidation loans. These types of loan are designed to make your total debt easier to manage. It may also help to save you money if you can secure a better rate of interest to that that which you are currently paying. The new consolidation amalgamates all your current debt into one easier-to-manage loan and can be paid off over a longer period of time, thus relieving any immediate financial pressure.

Taking out a secured loan of this type and repaying it responsibly can help to rebuild your damaged credit score. By demonstrating that you are committed to repaying the loan in full and on time, you will show that that you can be trusted with credit, and you are more likely to be offered a better rate of interest on any future loans you apply for.

Low credit score got you down? Click here for tips for raising your credit score.

Finding the Right Title Loan Company in Los Angeles


There are many Los Angeles auto title loan companies. Some companies even offer a wide variety of financial services, not just vehicle title loans. When you need cash fast, you may not have the time to extensively research title loan companies. This can be extremely frustrating because when you find yourself in a financial jam you are not only pressed for time, but if you live in a large city, there are many options available for financial assistance. At The Cali Loan Company in Los Angeles, we are dedicated to always providing our current, former, and prospective customers with honest and straightforward information about the title loan industry.

This article will give you a simple guide to deciding which title loan company you should choose to deal with, as well as outline some red flags to take note of that should steer you away from any dishonest lenders.

Here are some quality traits of auto title loan companies: if a lender demonstrates these qualities you should consider dealing with them.

  1. Clear explanation of loan terms:

Vehicle Title Loans aren’t confusing! If you find yourself struggling to understand the terms of your loan, and no one is available to explain it to you, the lender may be trying to deceive you and get you to agree to higher interest rates than you want.

  1. Availability of professional customer service representatives:

If you have a hard time getting a hold of a customer service rep, there is no phone number or contact e-mail listed on the website, or the people you do talk to do not seem knowledgeable, this is a sign you may want to shy away from these lenders.

The Cali Loan Company we are committed to not only providing you with quick cash, but doing so in a professional and friendly matter. Our experienced staff members have been in the Los Angeles auto title loans business for years and are prepared to answer any questions you may have. If you are considering dealing with a lender that does not offer this level of customer service, consider going elsewhere to apply for a loan.

  1. Professional Website:

In our digital age, most businesses have a website. Most quality businesses have a professional website. If the Los Angeles auto title loan lender you are considering taking a vehicle loan from has no website, or an unprofessional one, they may not be the best company to deal with.

The Cali Loan Company stands by our reputation of quality service and fast loan approval, and we believe our website reflects our standards of professionalism.

  1. Educational Resources:

It’s no secret that the auto title loan industry often gets a bad rap due to unscrupulous lenders and predatory lending practices. Honest lenders will demonstrate a commitment to educating you on the details of your loan, and title loans in general. If you are considering dealing with a lender and find that they provide multiple resources that provide you with the answers you need to make your decision about loan specifics, they are more than likely a good bet.

Dishonest lenders won’t make the effort to keep your best interests in mind, they won’t provide you with the information you need to make the financial decision that is right for you.


We realize that when finances are tight and you need money quickly, you’re not always going to have the time to fully research loan companies. We hope that these four basic criteria will guide you in choosing a reputable lender like The Cali Loan Company.

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Financial Relief in El Paso


A lot of people are going through tough times as they try to make ends meet. This is because the economic downturn has affected every area of the economy and many people do not have jobs or have been affected by the high cost of living. There are a few options open to anyone who needs a loan after a bank or Credit Company rejects their loan application. The best option is to apply for a car title loan. This is a secured loan that is available from financial lenders with the car title certificate being the only collateral needed.

El Paso is found in west Texas and it is the seat of El Paso County. It is the nineteenth biggest city in the nation and additionally the sixth biggest city in the state with more than 649,200 individuals. It remains on the Rio Grande over the outskirt from Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, Mexico. The two urban areas structure a universal metropolitan zone known as Juarez-El-Paso which has a populace of around 2 million. El Paso got the All-America City Award in 2010 which is the most seasoned city award in the nation. It is home to the University of Texas and the Texas Tech University health Sciences Center. One of the biggest military buildings Fort Bliss deceives the East and north east of the city.

Residents have found car title loans El Paso TX to be an affordable financial lender. To get a car title loan you should have the following; a driver’s license and own a car that is in your name. You need to be 18 years old and the vehicle which can be a boat should be free from any liens. You should be a resident and have pay stubs and utility bills to show that you can repay the loan. You also need three references.

You can get a loan application form online and you need to fill it in before handing it with the other documents for your loan to be processed. This will often be complete by the end of the day though sometimes it can take two days. There are even instances where your loan can be approved in 30 minutes. Once your loan has been approved you should receive your money on the same day removing any delays.

Car title loans El Paso TX offers its clients the best possible service which is fast, affordable, and convenient. This is why they do not discriminate on those who have bad credit but instead give them loans if they can meet the basic requirements and also help them to improve their credit rating in the future.

Select The Right Bank For Your Financial Assistance

Build bank

We all employ the services of the bank for our personal needs in several ways. We have to be very careful in selecting the bank for ourselves. When looking for a bank, keep in mind that you will be entering a long term business relationship. It is a time to be picky and choose carefully, as the outcome of your decision will echo in your business for a long time to come.

Finding the right bank can make your life easier but selecting the wrong one can be a fatal business decision. When evaluating banks, you must know what you are looking for and carefully evaluate your options. You will have no problems literally finding a bank. There are banks all over. The challenge is to identify the bank that works best for you. That usually means the right combination of products and services, convenience and cost. When you start managing your own what you need from a bank may be fairly limited.

The services that may come to mind are direct deposit for your pay-check an ATM card to get cash and an online account to pay your bills and a safe place for your savings. It’s usually easier to manage your finances when you have a checking account, so you can pay your bills for less than it would cost at a bill payment centre. And a savings account is essential if you want to set aside money for emergency fund or accumulate the assets that will help meet your financial goals. When you have bank accounts you can also cash checks you receive without paying a fee. When it comes to banking choosing the institution that is right for you is a highly personal matter.

Here it is necessary to define your requirements in a very clear way so that you would know what you want. It could also be seen that different banks cater to different needs. So you can split the banks according to your needs also.

It is better to keep your money in such a bank, which will help you to withdraw money easily. In other words, you should choose such a bank which will allow you to have easy access of cash, which is liquid money. But one thing should be kept in mind that savings account and checking account is not same, because in checking account you can check your money whenever possible, but it is not possible in savings account. You can keep your money in savings account, if you need not use that money very often.

If you can hold back the money, then it is better to keep your money in the savings account. Even though you need to pay higher rate of interest, still this the best way of saving your money. You need to find the best rate of interest if you want to get the best deal. So while choosing a bank, it is better to compare interest rates available in various banks in order to choose the best possible option. While you decide upon a particular bank, you should keep in mind that such a financial institution or bank is best suited where your money will be added as your existing money will add interest. In fact if you keep your cash in savings account, your money increases fast as compared to checking account. Apart from these there are few other requirements also of a person.

The person has to be smart while making a choice. Therefore any person has to understand what the bank offers and what he wants or what he is looking for in the bank are both matching. If you feel that there are variations between the two then it is better to further look for the banks so that you can get hands on the right choice.


Choosing which debts to pay off first


With so many store credit cards available and convenient ways to shop, it’s easy to quickly find yourself in more debt than you can handle. Once in that position, it may seem difficult to find a path to financial freedom. One of the most effective methods is to have a strategic approach to paying off debt. Here are some of the most important types of debt to pay off first:

Debts with Highest Interest
Your best approach to a debt-free future is to start paying off debts with the highest interest rates. Pay as much as you can for high-interest debts while only paying the minimum balance on the lower-interest debts. Once each debt is paid off, allot the same amount, or more, to paying off your remaining balances each month. The logic is that debtors will save money as the interest payments slowly decrease.

“Bad” Debts
Pay off debts that can be entirely eliminated. Prioritize paying off debts incurred from credit cards, car loans, and small personal loans. Don’t attempt to pay more than the minimum payment on your mortgage or student loans at first because their pay-off period is much longer.

Credit Cards
Many debtors try to pay off  credit card debts first because they have an immediate impact on daily expenses and often have the highest interest rates. Exceeding or spending close to your credit limit greatly impacts your credit score, so it’s best to eliminate this debt before other types of debt. Credit card interest rates also have a tendency to rise quickly.

Establishing a plan not only puts your mind at ease, but can also free you from debt more quickly. Remember to not only pay off the right types of debts, but also consistently make the minimum payments on all debts, on time.

Trimming your excess spending habits


From splurging on fancy dinners to buying trendy clothes, there are a lot of purchasing habits that can get you into financial trouble. Monitoring and trimming down your spending habits can help you avoid future financial complications, including excessive debt, bad credit, or bankruptcy. Here are a few tips to follow when cutting back personal spending:

Monitor Spending Habits
Pay close attention to bank or credit card statements to see exactly what you’re spending your money on. If spreadsheets or pen and paper aren’t for you, then there are dozens of computer programs and online resources that will break down your spending habits. From there, you can analyze which categories could use a little trimming.

Create a Budget
Establish a detailed, strict monthly budget, allocating specific amounts for food, utilities, gas, clothes, and other necessary expenses. Following a budget means prioritizing essentials and identifying bad spending habits, which will bring you closer to your financial goals. Of course, the key to success is to stay on budget.

Cut Extraneous Spending
Though fun and enjoyable, it’s not necessary to dine out or go to the movies on a regular basis. Entertainment, dining, and travel are the categories that most individuals eliminate first. When making a purchase, remember to ask yourself if you want that item or if you truly need it.

Avoid Bad Habits
There’s no doubt that the occasional splurge feels great, but even small impulse purchases can quickly add up. Unfortunately, regular splurges can also quickly become a habit. Resist the temptation to spend on top-shelf products and unnecessary items.

Cutting down spending habits is an exercise in willpower. Your dedication to a financially sound future depends on how strictly you follow a budget and avoid unnecessary purchases. With proper diligence, you can reach your spending goals and enjoy financial independence.

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