7 Items You Should Carry if You Go On a Trip with Your Baby

Travelling with a BabyAre you going out with your newborn? Do you want to take him out for an out of town vacation, a family gathering, shopping, or simply go out for a walk? When you go out whit your child, there will be things you have to bring with you so to keep your infant safe and comfortable.

List of Things Your New Baby Needs When Going out of the House

1. Pram/ Baby Strollers

Give your child a stroll at the park or by the beach with a baby stroller. But before buying one, know which stroller best fits your newborn. There are many types of baby strollers sold in the market, and though the primary purpose of them all is to serve as a carriage to your baby, each type of baby strollers has its more specific purpose.

2. Rain Cover

The rain cover is for your baby stroller. Some baby strollers already have rain covers with them when you buy one, but you can also buy a universal rain cover that can fit any types of baby strollers. You don’t need to buy an expensive branded one. There are cheaper rain covers for baby strollers that can already actually serve its purpose.

3. Baby Car Seat or Capsule

To keep your child safe and comfortable in the car, get him/her a baby car seat. There are three main types of baby car seats, and this is depending on your baby’s age and/or weight. The infant car seat is specifically for infants. The convertible car seat is designed for infants and toddlers, while the booster seat is for the safety of toddlers, usually weighing abut 40 pounds. Choose the type and model that best suits your baby.

4. Sun Shades for Car Windows

To protect your infant from direct exposure to the sunlight when on the road in your vehicle, get him a sun shade for your car windows. It would be better to have a sticker type one as suction cap sun shades may fly off and hit your baby.

5. Sling/Pouch

To carry your baby with you in a more convenient way, put him in a sling/pouch. Choose one that is comfortable for both of you and your baby so to keep him safe and for you not to carry him securely.

6. Travel Cot

Your baby can sleep in his stroller, but if your child needs to sleep for longer hours in a few days if you are out of town, then make sure to give him a comfortable place to sleep. Have a travel cot for your infant that is easy to set up, so you won’t take time spreading and folding it.

7. Nappy Bag

Carry everything that your baby needs in one bag. Make sure it’s not too big or too small, but just enough size to carry his items. Invest for a good quality nappy bag. Get one with a lot of different size of compartments and pockets, a foldable change mat, and an area in the bag where you can store wet items. When there is something your baby needs, you don’t need to look for which bag you did put it. Everything is already in the nappy bag.


You are now well-equipped on your travel. Leave your home with confidence as you embark on a journey with your kid. Have your new baby go outdoors safe and comfortable to avoid irritation and keep him secured with these travel/outdoor items for babies.

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